Tronnes Surveys is…

A Tradition
For over 41 years, Tronnes Surveys has offered quality and dependable survey services in Alberta. Many of our clients have been with us for over 25 years, and for good reason: whatever the survey need, we get the job done exactly to specification, time and time again. Take a look at some of our Projects.

A Profession
We may have been in business for a while, but we haven't been standing still. Tronnes continues to lead the way in the most advanced technology and surveying equipment available today. Our work with High Definition Surveying (HDS), for example, has provided our clients with new ways to view the field. On every level, we stand for the highest level of dedication and service standards. Learn more about our many Services.

A Culture
Tronnes is more than just a place where surveying professionals can rise to new heights of excellence. From company ski trips to golfing tournaments and trips to the horse races, our company also offers employees a community culture that expands the spirit and builds relationships beyond the workplace. Find our more about the Tronnes Community.


From boundaries and plans, to municipal digital submissions and more, we bring our time-tested experience to all levels of subdivision and condominium development.

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Railways, intermodal yards, interchanges, highways, bridges and tunnels-Tronnes continues to explore an exciting range of infrastructure and transportation surveys.

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We meet and exceed the highest standards of real estate surveys for building design, construction and completion.

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Tronnes Surveys provide its clients with the capability to create, integrate and manage geographic data sets more efficiently, powerfully and collaboratively than ever before.

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We can survey thousands of points per second using the latest scanning, computer and network control technologies.

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