Services: Municipal


In the area of municipal surveys, we provide the following services:

 Home Building Surveys
  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Structure staking
  • Footing pins
  • Main Floor Elevation Certificates
  • Grading Certificates

  •  Commercial Construction
  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Construction Control
  • Pile layout
  • Grid line layout
  • Vertical Control
  • High Definition Surveys
  • Site Grading
  • Shoring pile layout and monitoring
  • Volume Surveys

  •  Topographical Site Surveys
  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Surface Features
  • Underground services
  • DTM and contour generation
  • Orthophotograph overlay
  • Integration with publicly available information
  • Volume Surveys

  •  BOMA Lease Surveys
  • Office, Retail and Warehouse measurements in compliance with BOMA standards
  • Drawing preparation and area calculations

  •  Facility As-built
  • High Definition Surveys
  • Complete asbuilt measuring

  •  Real Property Reports
  • Conformed to the Alberta Land Surveyors Association
  • Considering the local Municipal bylaw guidelines
  • Real Property Reports show the relationship of the structures and improvements to the boundaries of your parcel. Right of Ways are shown and encumbrances are noted. This product is often required by a municipality for construction completion or by a purchaser prior to closing a real estate transaction.



     High Definition Surveys
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